The Best Ads and Worst ads of Super Bowl LI – Part 2

For many the Super Bowl is more than a game. The Super Bowl is an event. It is the climax of the NFL season. It is THE time to show off those final tailgating skills of the season. And only secondary to the game, it is the time where we all come together and sit in judgement of the Super Bowl Ads.

Some of Team Focus sat down and reviewed all the ads from Super Bowl LI and came up with our favorites and our misses.

To see what we thought were the best spots take a minute and play catch up – The Best Ads and Worst ads of Super Bowl LI – Part 1

If you want to go a little further back we discussed some of the best Super Bowl Ads of all time to get ourselves ready for this year’s entry in to the hallowed halls of Super Bowl campaigns.

Which ads tanked harder than the Atlanta Falcons in the second half? Lets discuss!

Cece Shabazz:
H&R Block This one was a miss, the current campaign with Jon Hamm shared nothing with this tonally, even though he did the voice over.
Mr. Clean Yes, it made our favorite blog post, but this was funny, but an uncomfortable funny. I don’t know if I want sexy in my cleaning products.
Busch or should we say Buschhhhhhhhhhh It wasn’t very funny and it didn’t even make me react in any way, which is really the worst response you can have from any ad.

Brynn Joachim:
84 Lumber Controversy doesn’t equal success, and when people did try to see the rest of the story, their website crashed. Bad planning, have to be ready or you can’t capitalize.
Busch Beer Another miss, their agency didn’t bring their best for that.

Ben Hunter:
Pizza Hut Didn’t make me want to order a pizza, which for a pizza ad is a mortal sin.
Busch Beer Another vote for this one falling flat.

Thomas Broadus:
Wendy’s What an opportunity they had to build off of their new Twitter attitude, this was a big miss when compared to what they are doing in the digital space.
Hulu Hulu’s entering the content game and to introduce everyone to their new show, they ran it too often and it seems to be a bit graphic. This would have worked better with digital targeting, not a Super Bowl mass audience.

Tyler Johnson:
Turbo Tax It was uncomfortable, and tried to be something it didn’t need to be. Also a bit gross.
Mr. Clean Too much sexuality in a cleaning product, but I did like the follow-up when people asked what Mr. Clean’s sexuality was. They replied he was asexual because sex would be too dirty for Mr. Clean.

Elizabeth Adams:
– Skittles I didn’t get the humor and it went into the weird area a bit too far. Story started out ok but just got strange.
Snickers The excitement of a live spot was cool and made me want to watch but then it fell apart. And while that was part of the joke, it left me wondering what happened and not in a positive way.

Ranking the votes and it looks like Busch and Mr. Clean missed the mark the farthest for our team. But what about you? Love Mr. Clean, Skittles or the Hulu spot? Let us know in the comments.

Sexy Mr. Clean

Sexy Mr. Clean

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