Lina Wagoner

Account Executive


Favorite 5-Syllable Word:


What I’m good at: Organizing details, idea generation, event planning

What I really do: I love to organize anything that needs my OCD touch!

Brands I’ve Helped: Leakesville Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Stone County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Woodland Village Nursing Center, CMI, Stone County Hospital, Cain Cattle Company, Dr. Norowski

How I give Back: Involved with Humane Society of South Mississippi and First Baptist of Biloxi. Looking to be more involved in the mental health community in near future

All-Time Favorite Saying: Shuffles between “Trudat” and “Fo Sho” – which morphed to “Fauxcheaux” after moving to the coast



  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Middle Tennessee State University; Minor in Book Arts


  • 8 years of experience within customer service and account service roles from small business projects to corporate campaigns.
  • Currently serves as the Account Executive for Woodland Village, Leakesville, and Stone County Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers, and Cain Cattle, overseeing all marketing efforts and social media campaigns.
  • Experience in Graphic Design allows for additional opportunity for creative influence with current and future clients
  • As the previous regional manager of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, Lina is familiar with various promotional products and substrates for screen printing and embroidery applications.
  • Gives immense attention to detail in all aspects of planning projects, events, and marketing strategies.
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