Get to Know The Focus Group: Lead Graphic Designer, Tara Gerald

Tara Gerald Lead Graphic Designer

Tara Gerald Lead Graphic Designer

Tara Gerald has taken over The Focus Group’s graphic design department, and after leading the looks on our biggest multi-award winning AND nationally recognized campaigns, it’s safe to say she’s an absolute rock star.

Her passions include media arts and animation as well as behavioral psychology and all things written word. Tara ultimately received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The University of Southern Mississippi, along with a minor in Psychology. Her student accolades while at Southern Miss included scholarships, Student Show awards and President’s Lists. Her knack for award winning work only grew as a part of #TeamFocus where her campaigns continually win local, region and national recognition for her clients.

In fact, after joining The Focus Group, Tara has accumulated over 30 Gold and Silver awards from the American Advertising Federation for her work in illustrations, campaign development, web design and social media design. Tara is our go to expert for her exceptional abilities in digital, print, and illustration, which she uses to great effect in her work as you can see below.

A self-professed video game junkie and “dedicated doodler,” Tara enjoys both traditional and digital painting, creative writing, world-building, engaging in the over-analysis of fictional characters and whole bean coffee. #funfact Tara’s also one of the most terrifying game DMs you’ll ever face, she leads a small band of TeamFocus in a semi-regular D&D campaign and hosts regular gaming meetups.

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