Benjamin Whiteside

Account Executive


Favorite 5-Syllable Word:


What I’m good at: Brainstorming, communication, client retention, strategic marketing, voicing creative input, writing, social media, eating.

What I really do: Think creatively/strategically, problem solve, drink caffeine and grind every day to prove that I didn’t peak in high school.

All time favorite saying: “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” — Albus Dumbledore

Brands I’ve helped: Red Bull, Saad Healthcare, Gulf Coast Cryotherapy, Comvest Properties, The Peoples Bank, EasyKale, Margaritaville, SCH, GRPC.

How I give back: Member of the American Diabetes Association, routinely open doors for others, excellent tipper, organ donor and Former Jump Rope for Heart Champion.


  • Bachelor of Science in business administration, emphasis in marketing-management, from the University of South Alabama; 4-year member of Jaguar football team (Go Jags!)
  • Graduate of St. Patrick Catholic High School; Hall of Fame inductee based on overall merit


  • More than 5 years of professional experience in marketing and assisting in business development. Versatile background in both sales and marketing that’s been used to maintain client satisfaction and help monitor day-to-day activities of future development.
  • While at my previous company, I was part of a tandem that launched a successful startup affiliate. I learned the ins and outs of the industry, helped develop branding, voiced input on mission, and helped write/implement business model all while maintaining other marketing duties.
  • Previous Gameday Marketing intern with The New Orleans Saints; worked in both the energy beverage and healthcare industries.

Community Involvement

  • Member of Coast Young Professionals, Mississippi Coast Chamber of Commerce, and The American Advertising Federation Gulf Coast.
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