Tara Gerald

Lead Graphic Designer


Favorite 5-Syllable Word:


What I’m good at: Art, Tourism, Entertainment/Events, Identity, Brainstorming.

What I really do: Doodling Deviant, Weaver of Fantastical Tales and the office Coffee Golem.

Brands I’ve help: ASPA, MHRA, #FLYGPT, People’s Bank.

Awards I’ve won: Countless Gold and Silver awards from the Gulf Coast Advertising Federation as well as Regional Awards for Graphic Design and Branding.

How I give back: I use my blinkers when driving.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications from The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Minor in Psychology



  • Award-winning graduate of USM’s Fine Arts Department with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design/Communications, with additional study in Psychology/Sociology
  • Received numerous Addy awards from the Mississippi Gulf Coast chapter of the American Advertising Federation
  • Known for attention to detail and knowledge of cutting edge design techniques
  • Regionally recognized for work in illustration by AAF and proficient in digital and traditional media
  • Wealth of experience working on client identity and strategic campaigns
  • 5 Years at The Focus Group
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