Creative Magic and Floating Ducks

sam_circleCan we have an honest moment on this delightful Wednesday afternoon? I had NO idea what to expect when I transitioned from corporate health care to the creative world of agency life. I expected a lot of moving parts; however, I did not expect creative magic.  I hate to even call it magic because that implies something appears out of thin air, but it’s the only accurate word I have to describe it.

Perhaps this will help me paint a better picture…

Have you ever seen ducks float, er… swim? It’s quite serene. They look very peaceful as if they are politely sitting on top of the water gliding in a predetermined direction. In reality, ducks aren’t calmly floating. Not even a little bit. They are paddling hard to go in the direction they want to go. Their little, webbed feet are packing a lot of power with every, single movement.

THAT is the machine that drives creative magic. 

For every client and project, our group paddles as hard as possible. From research and brainstorming to random emails and a handful of logistical hurdles to jump, concepts literally move from notebooks and sketches to the screen. We glide from concepts to creative pitches to implementation. What looks like an organized path of movement is powered by a lot of work.

And it takes all kinds. Our office dynamic is, well… dynamic: introverts, extroverts, creative thinkers, big idea-makers, detail-doers and the logical list-makers.

We’re all ducks and we are all paddling.

What’s with this gush-fest? Every now and then you witness people doing the things for which they are most passionate. To me, that’s hitting the jackpot and it is SO much fun to witness on a daily basis.

We get asked a lot about what makes us different. I could answer that question in a variety of ways, but my best answer is that projects aren’t just projects on a list. They are labors of love, full of heartfelt energy and a timely investment.

We love what we do, and we walk in the office ready to tackle the day because of it!

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