Research and Planning

Our approach is rooted in a thorough understanding of our clients, and we immerse ourselves in our clients’ worlds to figure things out.  For that reason, we offer all sorts of research services ranging from focus groups to qualitative and quantitative research techniques. If you need to find something out, we’ll figure out a way to get the answer.


Digital Strategies and Tactics

Making sense of it all — web, social, display, search, email

We grew up in the digital age, so we know it changes every day. We can build a website that works to achieve your goals or spruce up one that you already have. Your website can be a marketing engine working hard for you 24/7. We can optimize it to bring more people to it, analyze it to refine it, send traffic to it measure along the way. Our goal is to get the best ROI for your dollars, and many solutions are found in digital.


Tell your brand’s story for a purpose.

These days you have to be your own news organization, conveying your message to your audiences through written words, photos, video and audio. Sometimes it’s through web content, ad copy or social media, other times it’s a strategically-written blog strategy. With the right planning, your team of writers and visual communicators can help you develop and get the right messages to the right audiences to help achieve your goals.

Public Relations and Event Planning

PR these days is easier yet complicated.

It’s easier to push a button and get a release out, but on the other hand, there are so many more outlets and audience segments to choose from. Media pitches and relationships are more important than ever to help break through the clutter. The Focus Group is the right strategic partner to help get mileage for your message. The event planning and execution side of PR is one of our favorite ways to get your message across. Yes, even an event is strategic and creative down to the last detail.


Your brand is more than a logo.

Your brand is your strategy, the way you look, the way you speak, your talking points, your customer service, everything about your company all bundled together in a way that conveys just how you want to be perceived. If you need help with branding, we can do it all, or we can plug in where you need us. From fundamental research to training your team on how to speak in a unifying voice, as a full-service marketing firm, branding is central to what we do.

We want to do what’s right for you.

Our approach is that we want to understand your business or organization so we can put together a custom mix of recommendations to achieve your goals. Sometimes our recommendation is that we do research in order to figure out those recommendations. Other times, you’ve already done that research and you know what you want. We are here for you no matter how small or large the task. We look forward to hearing from you.

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