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Greenwood, Mississippi is a charming town situated in the Mississippi Delta. Boasting with assets and unique experiences such as The Alluvian Hotel & Spa, Viking Cooking School, Tallahatchie Flats, award winning restaurants and downtown shopping, stories of Blues legends, history, and fantastic hunting, Greenwood is the perfect getaway for tourists looking to unplug and find what moves them.​


Travelers from 50+ miles outside of Greenwood (feeder markets)
International Travelers in Europe with an interest in Blues Music and Authentic Experiences – Southern Group Tour Operators

Greenwood, Ms Brand Launch Video

We refreshed the brand by expanding their color palate to give Greenwood CVB a more relaxed appearance dripping with southern charm. By including more modern font treatments, story-telling content, and thought-provoking taglines, we reinvented the brand without having to compromise the original logo.​

Data square image: Annual Funding Economic Development: $1.79 Million in Capital investments. $3.87 million in state and local taxes. $50.6 million travel & tourism expenditures by visitors. Statistics: Tax revenue Room $91,671. Restaurant $335,980. 825 hotel rooms. 745 people employed in Tourism.
. Statistics: Tax revenue Room $91,671. Restaurant $335,980. 825 hotel rooms. 745 people employed in Tourism.

The new branding was implemented on all social media platforms as well as an interactive landing page which all ads pointed to. This page allows us to analyze all traffic interfaced between the ads served and Greenwood’s actual website.

Our campaign included digital and mobile strategy. Facebook Branding was incorporated into the Campaign

By implementing an innovative story telling canvas ad on Facebook, the campaign acquired an additional 3,500 social media followers within three months of the launch.​

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Experience True Delta Grit. Delta Spirit, Southern Soul. Greenwood, Mississippi. We're definitely a tale worth sharing. Delta Spirit, Southern Soul. Greenwood, Mississippi.
It doesn't get more authentic than this. Tallahatchie Flats in Greenwood, MS. Homestyle roots. Uptown vibe. Book a weekend in Greenwood, Mississippi. Delta Spirit, Southern Soul.


​Greenwood Mississippi Convention and Visitors Bureau needed a digital presence to reach niche audiences and travelers not aware of what Greenwood has to offer. By implementing a refreshed brand, content, innovative social media strategy, and digital creative campaigns, The Focus Group moved the needle and also assisted in receiving a substantial grant awarded by the state specifically for media placement.​

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