The Best Ads and Worst ads of Super Bowl LI – Part 1

For many the Super Bowl is more than a game. The Super Bowl is an event. It is the climax of the NFL season. It is THE time to show off those final tailgating skills of the season. And only secondary to the game, it is the time where we all come together and sit in judgement of the Super Bowl Ads.

In case you missed it we discussed some of the best Super Bowl Ads of all time to get ourselves ready for this year’s entry in to the hallowed halls of Super Bowl campaigns. Who made the cut? Who missed out? Who wasted their money? Let’s get into it.

Here’s the team that sat down to review the candidates from this year.

Cece Shabazz:
Bai Bai Love the comedy aspect of the spot and the unexpected twist that was revealed with the guest star at the end. Can’t go wrong with Christopher Walken starting it off either.
Audi Empowering!
Kia Hilarious, and loved the escalating craziness of each bit. Melissa McCarthy is also a huge star and very funny.

Brynn Joachim:
NFL Inside these Lines It was a nice reminder that when things go crazy all around us, we can pull together for a few hours and escape into a great football game.
NFL Super Bowl Babies Babies! This was super cute.
Bud Light “Ghost Spud” Nostalgia – fun, and a fun use of bringing back the 80s.
Mr. Clean Unexpected, funny and talked about. What more could they ask for?

Ben Hunter:
Budweiser “Born The Hard Way” Really liked the fact they were able to share a subtle political message with great story telling.
Honda Clever use of celebrities and easy to share personal connections, which is we all have unfortunate year book pictures. Some of them have lasers. Just saying.
Kia Funny spot, McCarthy played it perfectly.

Thomas Broadus:
Bai Bai It had me from the start with Christopher Walken and then you start to realize what song he was quoting. The reveal was fun and everyone knows how to pronounce Bai now.
Mr. Clean It was funny, unexpected and had people talking about it. With products that you have an entire isle to choose from when you’re out shopping it is more important than ever to stand out. Mission accomplished.
Buick I come from a Buick family, so this had my attention. Cam Newton was funny and charismatic, and I could totally see this campaign growing next year like the Snickers “You’re Not Yourself” spots.

Tyler Johnson
Kia Funny spot, humor is important and a great statement on the small things we can do the make a change in our environment.
Honda Great use of star power and funny way to get your attention. Very creative
Busch Beer Funny, without trying to hard to be funny. Loved the simplicity of it.

Elizabeth Adams
T-Mobile Featuring Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Creative pairing of two iconic people and cleaver writing to tie them together.
Buick Cam was funny and the ad stood out, using kids is always a great start to a Super Bowl commercial.
Kia Love, love, love Mellisa McCarthy, story was easy to follow and the visual gags were laugh worthy.

Honorable Mention – Heinz The non-ad that was one of the most talked about ads because of what they decided to do for their employees. Heinz decided to give all of their employees #Smunday off. Don’t know what Smunday is? Watch the ad to find out for yourself.

Now that we had a chance to talk about Ads we loved, Part 2 will talk about the ones that fell flat, missed the mark or were otherwise uninspiring.
Stay tuned for that post tomorrow afternoon.

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