My Internship Experience Featuring Georgia Williams

The Internship Begins

The summer season always sparks both feelings of excitement and relief for college students. After finally conquering yet another long, restless semester, the idea of a much needed three month hiatus from the stress of college life consumes our thoughts. That is, until we’re made aware of one daunting, dreaded reality: it’s time to find a summer job. As many of my friends scouted out local restaurants and small businesses to secure a position with good enough pay and hefty tips, I decided to deviate from the typical summer jobs I had always had. I wanted an experience, not just a job.

When I found out The Focus Group was hiring an intern for the summer, I was definitely interested in the position. My parents encouraged me to apply, and although I considered other internships, this one seemed the best fit for me. I aimlessly went through the application process, sending in my mediocre resume and scheduling a phone interview. As I was coping with the stress of final exams and hastily packing up my apartment, my worries about finding a job seemed distant. I had accepted that I most likely would not get the position and shifted my concerns elsewhere. I was napping one afternoon (I really love napping) when I received a phone call from Brynn, the Director of Account Service here at The Focus Group. I woke up to a voicemail asking me to return her call, and as I dialed back I had already accepted that I would face rejection. My nonsensical lack of confidence was soon thwarted when I was offered the internship.

Day 1 at The Focus Group

I woke up at 7:00 am for my first day of work (Which in itself is a great accomplishment for me; like I said, I love sleep), and headed out to begin my day. I arrived at The Focus Group (10 minutes late… Did I mention I love sleep?) and met Brynn and the rest of the team. From Brittany at the front desk to Cece back in the creative department, every face I met greeted me with an excited and happy smile. I took my seat at my desk and continued to familiarize myself with the team, exchanging the common pleasantries and “Get to Know You” questions like, “Where do you go to school?” and “What is your major?” However, the most important question Brynn asked me this day was: “Is your birthday in July?” I soon realized that July was the home of three birth dates within the office, and there isn’t room for another celebration (As, of course, each “Birthday Queen” must dedicate the entire week, if not the entire month, to celebrate accordingly). This was not the typical boring, tired office environment one would expect. It was vibrant and goofy and bustling and… fun? (Yes, I said fun).

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Over the next few weeks I got to learn everyone’s quirks and personalities, and it became apparent to me that, as they say, teamwork really does make the dream work. The different likes and dislikes, interests and aversions of each person here contributes to the overall unity of the team. From the pensive creativity of Tara and Pauline, to Brynn’s quirky cooking tales… From Brittany’s Beyonce tunes to Thomas’s dad jokes (Ha Ha)… From Elizabeth’s positive charm to Cece’s goofy stories… and Mikel organizing all of it– it just seemed to work. Witnessing this cohesiveness firsthand really did help me understand the value of working with others, despite potential differences.

From my first day on the job I knew I would enjoy my time here. There have been boring days, and there have been extremely overwhelming days… But every day was a good day here. So to all those seeking an internship I hope you’ll consider The Focus Group… just as long as you weren’t born in July.

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