The Focus Group Goes to Washington D.C.

The Focus Group took a trip to represent Wild American Shrimp and the American Shrimp Processors Association in Washington D.C. to join in the discussion of promoting Wild American Shrimp and the issues facing the American Shrimp Processors Association.

The Focus Group in D.C.

The Focus Group in D.C.

Through a joint effort with several of the ASPA processors – Smith and Sons from Georgia , Tommy’s Seafood in New Orleans, David Chauvin’s Seafood in Chauvin, Louisiana and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board – we were able to have meetings with coast representatives and senators to discuss unfair trade, illegal foreign subsidies, import quality, export taxation, and seafood by-product innovation.

The goal of the Wild American Shrimp story is to focus on the positive side of the industry. The quality of the product, the generations of families that support the industry, the impact these fisheries and local processors have on employment and what they mean to their local communities cannot be understated. But this is an industry that is facing many challenges including the flood of imported products that can contain things you would never want to eat. #SadFact – seafood is the #1 refused import by the FDA.

We encourage you to get to know the American Shrimp Processors Association members. On their site  you can find histories spanning hundreds of years in these generational shrimping families. These processors are the backbone of a vital industry on our Gulf & Eastern coasts. Get to know them and get to know their products. Learn how to read labels, because where your food comes from matters.


We want to thank all those that took time out of their schedules to meet with our team and to a huge thank you to all of the folks from across the Gulf Coast that joined the group in D.C.

It’s been a great experience to see how excited our coastal delegation is to support these domestic shrimpers, processors and fisheries.

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