Nadine Landis

Marketing Assistant


Favorite 5-Syllable Word:


What I’m good at: Marketing, Public Relations, Food & Beverage, Event Planning (I can make any venue look like something straight out of your Pinterest dreams)

What I really do:  Get coffee … just kidding! I mainly work with the American Shrimp Processors Association (ASPA) and Wild American Shrimp. If a shrimp themed trivial pursuit existed, I’d smoke all of y’all.

Brands I’ve Helped: Wild American Shrimp, Stone County Hospital and Clinic, Harrison County Utility Authority

How I give Back: I’ve been a dancer my entire life so I teach ballet and create contemporary dance pieces for performances in my community. Also, it’s super fun and therapeutic at the same time.

Recognitions Received: “Best Media Team” for my Senior Advanced Advertising Campaign Planning class at Ole Miss.

Name of my Alter-Ego: Nadia from San Fran, because she’s super sassy.

All-Time Favorite Saying: “I totally paused!” – Cher Horowitz, Clueless



  • Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi in Marketing and Corporate Relations
  • Biloxi High School Honors Graduate


  • Skilled in marketing and corporate relations and event planning
  • Currently, the Brand Manager of Wild American Shrimp/American Shrimp Processors Association.
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